The DevSecGuide to Kubernetes

The DevSecGuide to Kubernetes

From securing modular Kubernetes® components like Helm and Kustomize to automating security guardrails across the development lifecycle, DevSecOps for Kubernetes requires an integrated and modern approach. As the de facto container orchestrator, Kubernetes has undeniable benefits when it comes to building performant and scalable applications. Its complexity and flexibility can create security challenges, but when approached with DevSecOps, it can provide an opportunity to automate security from the start.

In this guide, we’ll explore the unique considerations Kubernetes presents for cloud-native application security and how to build on top of its built-in security foundation and embrace DevSecOps.

It includes research on the security state of open source Kubernetes components and practical guidance for embedding security best practices at each layer of Kubernetes applications and across the development lifecycle. If you’re interested in operationalizing cloud-native security for manifest to workload coverage, this guide is for you.

Download the DevSecGuide to Kubernetes to learn:

  • Security considerations across each layer of Kubernetes;
  • Inherent security advantages and challenges with Kubernetes;
  • Best practices for embedding security across the development lifecycle and more!

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