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Getting More Out of Investments in Network-Centric Solutions

Investor Pramod Gosavi on Network Access, Endpoint Controls in a Zero Trust World
Pramod Gosavi, venture investor, 11.2 Capital

For years, security teams have invested huge sums of money in network-centric cybersecurity solutions, and as a result they have been deluged with false alerts and overwhelming workloads. Many have hired MDR and MSSP vendors to handle the flood of data, but this approach has driven up overhead costs - and also drained organizations of cybersecurity skills.

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Today, the distributed security landscape is even more complex and costly, said Pramod Gosavi, venture investor at 11.2 Capital.

"Now, we have a distributed environment, remote work, Wi-Fi, employees sort of moving around … it opens up a lot of holes in the network and it's very difficult to patch and guard all of that," he said.

This shift underscores the need for proactive strategies, such as zero trust, that emphasize minimal access and continuous verification and investments in AI-based technologies, Gosavi said. But while zero trust aims to reduce the risk of breaches by limiting access, it cannot entirely prevent them, especially if passwords are compromised. Therefore, network-based verification tools, such as identity threat detection and response, and AI-driven behavioral detection are crucial in ensuring multiple layers of defense, he said.

"AI is very useful for verification, particularly in behavioral detection. It models user behavior within specific business units, identifying anomalies and flagging suspicious activity. This multilayered approach enhances detection and response capabilities, ultimately reducing reliance on human intervention."

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Gosavi discussed:

  • The specific challenges of relying on network-centric, "after the fact" solutions;
  • How the dual approach of controlling network access and verifying endpoints fortifies security measures;
  • Future trends and technologies in cybersecurity.

At 11.2 Capital, Gosavi focuses on enterprise software, including SaaS, cybersecurity, developer tools and enterprise IT. He previously served as director of strategy and corporate ventures at VMware. Prior to that, Gosavi held product management and operating roles at early-stage startups Montalvo Systems and Ikoa. He began his career as a staff engineer building Sun Microsystems' flagship server UltraSparc.

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Anna Delaney

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